Your Hosts for the Journey

So now having written about what we are trying to achieve I suppose it is time to introduce ourselves properly. All I hope is that you are all ready for the shock!


The Fatman Himself!

Well I suppose I should go first. I’m Adrian, the “Fatman” of the title. I am a 48 year old child who was born with a mid-life crisis. I could put my cuddly stature down to genetics but I personally think its because I eat too much! Anyway I ride a BMW F800GS and as you can see I have no fashion sense. I am allowed to be in charge of navigation (which means we will be permanently lost), cooking (permanently poisoned) and helmet Karaoke (permanent hearing loss).


The Lovely Isabel!

And on to the long-suffering Isabel who rides a Honda Transalp. Isabel will be in charge of Packing (because men can’t pack apparently), money (never trust me with any money – I’ll just spend it), general planning and ordering me around. She will bring some much needed stability to the party and will be the best looking person in it.  She, like me, has no experience of touring but that is part of the fun, so she keeps telling me.


Mr. Teddy and Helmet - No Comment!

Mr. Teddy and Helmet – No Comment!

The most important member of the team – well at least that is what he keeps telling us – is Mr Teddy. He rides – well anything he can find but lets not go into that because it is vaguely pornographic. He is in charge of everything and will be luxuriating on the back of Isabel’s bike on the tour. He said he got the idea for a helmet from Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider who, so Mr Teddy tells us, is also a cool dude and babe magnet just like him.

Because we will be visiting dangerous locations (well have you been to Reading?) and to protect all those who we meet on the route we have decided to take along some extra help in the security area. Meet Sarge our trusty guard dog. At present he rides without a helmet but, as everyone knows that is dangerous and he will apparently be sporting a helmet similar to Mr Teddys, but it will be more security orientated so he tells us. With him on board we are sure that the good people of Europe will be safe in their beds (well they will be as long as we can keep Mr Teddy captive on the bike). In a future post we will talk about our bikes and the mountain of equipment we are expecting them to carry. Hope you enjoy it.

Sarge on Guard!

Sarge on Guard!


Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

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