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Setting Up The Beast! Part 3 – Storage

Everything working together

Oh The Horror!

OK so lets look at what we wanted to do: Safe accommodation for the dogs – Check! A storage system for our stuff – Check! Somewhere to home the storage system – Che… Oh bummer! Looks like we will have to tackle that next then!

Initial Thoughts

So let’s think about what we require: The storage unit storage (OK I’ll call it the ‘casket’ to stop my brain exploding if I have to type that again   😀 ) has to:

  1. Support the dog crate and make sure it doesn’t touch the roof lining on the tank
  2. Allow for the storage of up to 7 Eurocontainers (see Part 2)
  3. Be strong enough to take some knocks when touring

That can’t be so difficult can it? (more…)

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Setting Up The Beast! Part 2 – Boxes

Everything working together

Creating Order Out Of Chaos!

So now that we have settled where the dogs are going to be travelling and sleeping we can move on to handling the second question in our list of priorities: Where are we going to put the things we are going to take with us and how are we going to keep everything together? Well now that we have the dog crate in place we won’t be using our normal ‘Throw everything in, close the door and hope’ method so we have been thinking of something that gives us a little more controlled. On top of that it would be useful to have something that would raise the dog crate up to window level so that the dogs can get the benefit of ventilation when the windows are open.

Mmmm maybe we took too much stuff!

Mmmm maybe we took too much stuff!

So what we need is some form of storage unit that will fit under the crate and allow us easy access to our stuff (like kitchen equipment, food etc.). Now there are some very nice storage units made for the backs of vehicles with wonderful pull out drawers etc. but they tend to be a) expensive and b) not made for our model of Landcruiser (Colorado – model 95) so they are pretty much out. We then got to wondering how much it would be design our own? (more…)

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Setting Up The Beast! Part 1 – Expedition Dog Crates

Initial Fit Looking Better

So where have we got to?

As you can see there has been a bit of a delay since our last posting (OK 5 years is probably more than ‘a bit of a delay’ to be fair) but after a number of trials and tribulations with Exped 3 (or ‘The Tank’ as it is now known) including (but not limited to) cylinder head problems, lack of breaks, strange noises etc. we are once again sitting down to work out how and where to do some more touring. Despite the problems the Tank has had, we have actually become attached to it and have decided to keep it, at least for ‘easy’ tours through the UK and Europe. If we decide to go further afield we will probably try to upgrade to something slightly more reliable (such as a Lada or Trabant  🙂 ) but for now the Tank is behaving itself .

Mmmm maybe we took too much stuff!

Mmmm maybe we took too much stuff!

One problem we have is how to transport the two of us, two dogs, a teddy bear and all of the ‘stuff’ we need on our travels and to do it safely. Previously we have used the ‘Stuff it in the back and forget about it’ method which works but only if you are going away camping for a weekend. For longer trips it pays to be slightly more organised. (more…)

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Exped 3 – The Search Ends

In one of our previous posts we discussed how we had started searching for a new expedition vehicle to take us on further adventures. Well we have finally managed to find one – And it wasn’t one that we had thought about.

Introducing 'The Tank'

Introducing ‘The Tank’

Exped 3 (or ‘The Tank’ as she is now known) is a 1999 Model 90 Toyota Landcruiser (known in the UK as a Toyota Landcruiser Colorado) with a 3 litre 1KZ-TE TurboDiesel engine (an engine we know very well because an overlanding friend of ours has a Toyota Hilux with one in).

Obviously this is an older vehicle so there are signs of wear and tear and a bit of rust here and there but otherwise she is in very good nick as far as we can see. (more…)

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