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Fatman-Overlands’ Latest Recruits

Alert as always!

Fatman-Overland has recruited another two members!

The Princess Twiglet

The Princess Twiglet

Twiglet North will be replacing the sadly deceased Sarge (who gave his life (or at least his stuffing) for us in the DRC) to undertake guarding duties. She also brings other skills to her new role such as: Licking, Tail-wagging, Rolling over and begging to be rubbed (also useful in tripping people up) and general staring at things.

She admits to being new at this “travelling” thing but has already been to Wales (which was wet and cold) where she was introduced to the fun of living in a tent which she took to like a duck to water, to Holland where she managed to gatecrash a wedding and France where she was able to truly appreciate the many finer things in life!

She also says that if any of our readers see us anywhere she would love a stroke (and also a treat!) 🙂

The second new team member is Delta ‘Da D-Man’ North who is joining us as our new customer liaison officer. The skills he brings are the sad cocker spaniel eyes, semi-lethal tail wags and the almost unmatched ability to trail water all over the place after drinking it. Like his ‘sister’ Twiglet he has been to France where he managed to see the sea for the first time and declared it ‘slightly too salty’ for his taste! He is looking forward to tasting lots of water in lots of exotic places and then depositing it wherever it might be needed.

Da D-Man

Da D-Man

Enjoy the adventure people!

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