Hello world!

Welcome to the blog for our upcoming motorcycle tours.

Who are we? Adrian and Isabel North and Mr Teddy. Possibly the most deranged and perverted teddy bear ever to set paw on this planet. Eventually we will put more details and images up so you can see who we are.

What bikes do we ride? At present I (Adrian – the “Fatman” of the title) ride a 2008 BMW F800GS and Isabel rides a 2007 Honda Transalp (XL650). Mr Teddy has given permission to Isabel to chauffeur him wherever he wants to go.

What are we planning? At present we are planning two motorcycle tours. The first which will be in April 2009 is a tour of Europe. At present we are planning to visit France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria but this may change if we feel like it. The second which is a much bigger enterprise is from the UK to South Africa. At present we plan to take the West coast route (Through Morocco, Mauretania etc.)

What experience do we have? None, zero, nothing. Well we can both ride but that is about it. We have never toured – not even in the UK. So this could be fun or a disaster. Or both!

What will be in this blog? This blog is intended to describe our tours, how we approach them, what we do right, what we do wrong, what equipment we are using etc. We hope you enjoy it.

Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

© 2009, fatman-overland. All rights reserved.

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