Fatmans Rules For Successful Touring

Mmmm maybe we took too much stuff!

Rules for Motorcycle Touring

OK these are a set of observations about touring that we have found from our own experience or from stealing from someone else’s website.

  1. When touring on a motorcycle always use a tent that is designed for the number of people using it + 1. So if there will be 2 people using the tent get a 3 man tent. Remember the tents are designed for backpackers and as a motorcycle tourer you have much more equipment.
  2. If you don’t speak the language then, when shopping, if you don’t point, you don’t get!
  3. Make sure you tell all of your banks you are going touring and to expect foreign transactions
  4. Carry alternative cards from different banks with you if possible
  5. Don’t be afraid to explore the backstreets in a new city as long as you feel safe

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