Europe 2009: Mile 584

11th April 2009

Bad night. The camping site we had chosen (I would blame Isabel but that would be painful for me – she has a very powerful left hook!) was within hearing range of a very loud, all night open air disco. I’m sure there are a couple of hundred new deaf youngsters today in Chimay!

Packed up and left before 11 which admittedly is late but I’m sure we’ll get better. Tried to pay but the office remained closed and the owners were apparently on holiday! But we did want to pay, honest!

All in all our experiences at this campsite mean we can only give it

Two sarges

Two sarges

Filled up with petrol in Chimay and headed towards Neufchateau. A very nice run especially since we were in the Ardennes! Even if it did rain at one stage. Once again forgot to eat anything until late, this we have to correct! Eventually stopped in a town where the Boulangerie was open. Got some bread and cakes and had them with the remainder of the cheese we purchased on the first day sitting on a bench looking at some fine buildings and watching the world go by. The town was called Montmedy and had a magnificant (and big) abbey or other such structure high on a hill overlooking it. We then went to a shop to get some meat and veggies to cook this evening. Not sure what we have purchased – hopefully it will be OK. Very warm weather today – glad we have the Camelbaks with us. After having eaten we pushed on to Verdun and the camp site "Camping Les Brieuls" where we had booked for a couple of nights.

Reached it about 5pm. Booked in, put up the tent (still damp from this morning) and tarp for first time. Found out we don’t have enough guy ropes. Luckily the strap from BMW can double for them! Had some coffee and biscuits using the water we heated up this morning. Then to the bar for a well deserved beer even though Mr Teddy was very tired. He did perk up when the word “beer” was mentioned though and he decided to come along just to keep us out of trouble which, for me is like the pot calling the kettle black but I didn’t like to mention that!

Mr Teddy relaxing after a hard day

Mr Teddy relaxing after a hard day

Just trying to update the Blog for first time. Will see how that goes. Then we shall have supper and an early night I think.

Navigation was easier today.

Lessons Learnt:

  • Get food for lunch as early as possible and wherever possible
  • Learn to stop more
  • Start early
  • The straps we got from BMW (for free) are really, really useful

Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

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