Europe 2009: Mile 584 Pt 2

12th April 2009

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we haven’t moved today. Well with it being Easter Sunday we decided to have an easy day (yes I know we have only just started but it is our holiday so we can do what we want 🙂 ).

Camping Les Breuils

Tent and Tarp at Camping Les Breuils

Firstly my thoughts on the campsite. Very nice! It has Wi-Fi, lake and a bar. What more does one need? So it rates

Five sarges

Five sarges

Had a breakfast of Tea/Coffee, croissant, cheese and salami under the tarp which we have decided is a very useful addition to our camping arrangements. After that we went for a walk around the area. Saw some nice houses (Isabel was particularly taken with those with traditional wooden shutters and was a bit miffed when I said that there was no way that we could have those on our own house). During our stroll we saw four statues at the end of the road which we, of course, went to investigate which lead us to 12 other statues all of French military leaders of various eras. Mr Teddy thinks that he would like to have a big statue made of him and placed in the garden. I said “over my dead body” and he replied “it can be arranged”. Not sure what to make of that!

Statues at Verdun

Statues at Verdun

This in turn led us on to the Verdun Citadel used during the siege of Verdun in World War 1. We also found what can only be described as a Poultry/Pigeon/Rabbit/Bird show in a nearby hall. As the entry was only 3 € we decided that we would go and get our cameras and money (which, due to our usual planning and organisational abilities, we had left back at the tent) and return and take a look. In the show there were some of the strangest and, I have to say, biggest poultry and rabbits I have ever seen! One of the rabbits was over 8 kg – It was a monster. After looking at these amazing creatures (and, on my part at least, wondering how to fricassee them!) we wandered over to the museum housed in the Citadel. Entry was 6 € per person and was well worth it. They have an automated train like system (sans driver – very weird until you get used to it) with automated running commentary (ours was in English) with tableau’s played out along the way. Some of the acting was over the top but effective nonetheless. A very useful insight.

After that we wandered into town and had a bite (OK more than a bite) to eat at a restaurant on the Quaes des Londres (I think that is right). We had a kebab (like ours only much much better) served by a very friendly waitress. Even though our French is non-existent (unfortunately) we managed to get what we wanted which is a result and we didn’t even have to resort to the loud slow speak that a lot of English people seem to resort to when abroad.

The meal complete we wandered back to the campsite (via a boulangerie – well the did have a special on tartlets!). Lubed the chains, did some catching up on the internet and planned (shock, horror!) where we are going tomorrow. Well sort of – we wouldn’t want to let anyone think we knew what we were doing would we?

After that back to the tent for some bread and cheese and, of course, the tartlets overlooking the lake and then a final walk around to take some photos and back to the tent and bed.

Sunset over lake at Camping Les Breuils

Sunset over lake at Camping Les Breuils

Lessons Learnt:

  • When going anywhere off the bikes always take money and cameras with you
  • 3 tartlets for 2 people is too much even if they are a) on special offer and b) very very nice (they were)
  • Adrian & Isabel

    & Mr Teddy

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