Europe 2009: Mile 3176

2nd May2009

Awoke to a cold grey day, fortunately without rain. Had a heart breakfast at the hotel (unfortunately an extra 9.50 Euro each but well worth it) before packing the panniers and paying. Before we rode away we visited the local Butcher/Charcuterie for some meat for lunch and tonight. we got some “flat sausages” and Beef vinagrette. We also visited an “Epicurie” for vegetables and some tins. After that we rode to the next town and turned towards Guise along some nice roads. There we turned towards St. Quentin which, disappointingly did not have a prison but did have a petrol station where we filled up. We then headed towards the start of the longest straight road (on the map anyway) that I have seen heading towards Amiens. The road has very few bends and must, to my mind, at least be Roman in origin.

Lunch, Amiens, France

Lunch, Amiens, France

We passed through a number of small, pretty towns including the impressively named Villers Brettenaux. Just before Amiens we stopped in a parking area alongside a busy small airfield for lunch. One more memory to savour. We ate bread and the Beef vinagrette which was very nice indeed – tasting like a very good corned beef – all that was missing was some very nice tangy dill pickles.

After that it was back on the bikes. We skirted Amiens heading north to St Pol sur Ternoise again passing through some pretty towns. Our plan was to ride there then stop for a coffee but on arrival we fained to find a parking place or cafe :(. We did stop about a mile out of town where I realised we were not far from Agincourt (OK when I say “realised” I mean I typed “Agincourt” into the GPS and saw that it was only about 8 miles away 🙂 ). Soon we were on our way. Agincourt (Or Azincourt as it is correctly spelled) is well off the main road and the battlefield is now, as it was in 1415, a farmers field that you cross (by road) as you enter the village. You can see why the French struggled though. There is a small museum in the village dedicated to the battle. It is 7.50 Euros to get in which is, to my mind, too much to pay. They have some nice exhibits (especially the one showing the lack of visibility in a knights helmet) and some animated displays but not 7.50 Euros worth especially with no cafe. It was, however, a nice diversion.

After that we decided to head towards a campsite on the coast about 30 miles away. The sun sort of shone on the journey although it remained cold. We arrived at the campsite which is huge and put the tent up. This and the slightly impersonal nature of the camp means we award it

Three sarges

After that we changed out of our motorcycle clothes (after much cogitation as to which were the mens and which the ladies toilets – it turns out that they were unisex) and went to the campsite restaurant to warm up and have a meal as we were too cold/tired to cook. Then back to the tent to sleep. No need to plan – we know where we are going tomorrow – Home! 🙁

Lessons Learnt:

  • Longer breaks from touring are needed regularly otherwise it is easy to become physically and emotionally exhausted

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