Europe 2009: Mile 2845

29th April 2009

Woke once again to the sound of rain on the tent. Sky grey and weather cold.Not the best start to a days riding! Once again had breakfast in the tent then had a shower in the main block. Took our time – anything to avoid packing up in the rain. Eventually the rain eased a bit and gave us a gap in which to get everything packed. It was cold work – the temperature was 5°C apparently! Rode the bikes off the grass empty since we hoped that would be easier, loaded up and paid (apparently the public transport tickets yesterday were free – amazing!). Initially we headed towards Freiburg after getting petrol in Neustadt. We were traveling on the same roads that we saw yesterday from the train. We had wondered then why the lorries, trucks and cars were going so slowly – today we found out. The road itself was twisty, steep and wet. Not a good time to be going fast. At one point the road cut through a cliff with across on the top of it – an ominous sign if you ask me. We also went through a couple of tunnels. The first of these was quite short and the second started in the side of a mountain and ended in Freiburg. A weird experience.

From Freiburg we headed towards Colmar in France. On the way we crossed over the Rhine which, even this close to its source, is a big river capable of carrying some serious river traffic. In Colmar we decided to take a break to warm up so we pulled into an E Leclerc hypermarket and went to an American themed burger bar, complete with a waitress on roller skates! They were playing a DVD of American Graffiti which is a movie I must see at some stage. Isabel had a single cheese burger and I had a double “rodeo” burger. I have to say as an affectionado of burgers that I don’t think I have had a better cooked burger anywhere. It was rare in the middle, juicy and very nice.

After lunch we headed towards Nancy and were joined on the road by rain :(. To make up for this the roads went through some stunning scenery. Eventually the rain eased although it remained cold. We also broke our tunnel traversing record by going through a 6950m long tunnel. What an engineering achievement! All for the princely sum of 5.50 Euro. Luckily Isabel had forgotten to put her sunglasses on after lunch so she managed OK in the tunnel.  Around Nancy we took a break for coffee and cake (and loo) at a motorway services. There was a primary school party of kids doing the things that kids should be doing. Playing “It” etc. Very refreshing to see.

Cathedral, Reims, France

Cathedral, Reims, France

From there we headed towards Reims stopping only for petrol along the way. It was a long trek from Nancy (about 173 miles) but it was mostly on good roads thankfully. Just as we were flagging we reached Reims and decided to look for a hotel. Unfortunately the GPS had frozen (i.e. crashed) about 40 miles from the city so we had to find somewhere to stop to reset it (the procedure for that is a) take battery out; b) swear a bit; c) mutter nasty things about modern technology; d) put batteries back and e) switch the unit back on). Unfortunately we did this having ridden the wrong way up a one way street and whilst parked outside a Gendarmarie station (they are the armed ones you know) but luckily nothing happened. Getting there we had had our first view of the cathedral – All I can say is “wow”! It is an amazing sight.

Anyway back to the search for a hotel with parking for the bikes. Initially it seemed that we could find a hotel and we could find parking but not together :(. Luckily the guy in the Holiday Inn in the city centre pointed us in the direction of the Holiday Inn Express about 10 minutes walk away. Whilst it is not in the nicest part of town (but, having said that it isn’t too bad either) it has off road parking (behind a big locked gate – costs extra of course). We got a room, parked the bikes up, took the panniers sans petrol (see this French talk is easy) up to the room. Although this was basic it was quite expensive for what it was and everything is extra so this hotel is awarded

Two sarges

Early Evening, Reims, Framce

Early Evening, Reims, Framce

After changing out of out motorcycling clothes we went in search of something to eat. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from but we eventually decided on the Café Brasserie Martin for the simple reason that it looked nice and we have a good friend called Martin and I am a great believer in irony in food 🙂 We both had steak and chips with 0.5l of the house red (a merlot which was chilled strangely) all very very nice. After a coffee we headed back to the hotel through an early evening in Reims. From there straight to bed as were were shattered.

Reims Cathedral at Night

Reims Cathedral at Night

Lessons Learnt:

  • Riding when it is cold and wet can be a miserable experience

Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

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