Europe 2009: Mile 2487

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! OUCH! My bum hurts! Yep, a couple of records broken today: Longest distance (343 miles – longest by far!) and highest elevation (3204 ft). After a light breakfast of bread, smoked cheese and coffee while we watched two grebes doing their mating “torpedo” dance three times (something I had never seen) and also watching seven jays fly past in under a minute – wonderful. We packed slowly because we were sorry to go and then left the campsite. After getting back into the swing of biking (it’s like waking up rusty each day) at about Volary. After riding another couple of kilometres we turned on to the A4 towards Passau in Germany. This has to be, quite easily, the best road I have ever ridden! Sweeping curves through pine forests, snow still on the ground in places, mountains all around (it was here we hit our elevation record). Ups and downs, lefts and rights – just a pure joy. The sort of road you could ride again and again and again. Eventually it passes from the Czech Republic into Germany (as road 12) but remains as good. The sort of road bikes are made for. The other big plus is that there is very little traffic. I definitely feel a return visit coming on.

View of Passau, Germany

View of Passau, Germany

At the end the road runs down into Passau on the Danube. Here we could have turned left to Austria but, because of time constraints, we headed into Germany. The town is very pretty as it nestles along the river. We then turned on to the A3 Autobahn towards Regensburg before turning onto the A92 towards München. Miles upon miles of motorway riding to look forward to – nice! We stopped off at an Autohof (motorway services) for a bite to eat and petrol. We decided to try currywurst just to see what it was like and, to be honest, it wasn’t bad.

Trees in Blossom, Germany

Beautiful Blossom!

The München ring road (similar to the M25 except that it works) then on to the A56 with the snow capped German Alps in the distance. Now that is motorway riding 🙂 (I love mountains – not climbing them – I am a fat man after all – but they just bring me joy). After another stop for coffee and cake/ice cream and we were off again. After about 50 miles we were finally off the autobahn and on to side roads again. These were almost as nice as the roads this morning but not in the same way. They were more gently curved through a lot (and I do mean a lot) of orchards full of young fruit trees in full blossom (I am guessing apple mostly). Absolutely stunning.

Mr Teddy resting beside the Bodemsee

Mr Teddy resting beside the Bodemsee

We headed towards a campsite in Stockach near the Bodensee via a long detour because the main road was being repaired. No problem because it was a very scenic detour. Unfortunately we found that the campsite was upslope up a very loose gravel road – no thanks! We then looked for lodging on the GPS and found one that appeared to be directly on the side of the lake so we headed for that instead – it was about four miles away and, yes it is on the lake side. At about 70 Euro for the room (without lake views 🙁 ) it was slightly expensive but we were tired and sore and decided to take it anyway. We awarded this hotel

4 sarges out of 5

Having changed we had dinner on the lake terrace (on the lake edge) watching ducks, coot and grebes and smelling the ozone smell of a freshwater lake. Does life get any better? As the sun went down I had a schnitzel Forest style (i.e. with mushrooms) and Isabel had one with ham – very nice. The beer (Alpizsbacher Klosterbräu) wasn’t bad either. Some planning followed (with coffee) and then bed. These are the days touring on motorbikes are about!

Jetty and Bodensee evening light

Jetty and Bodensee evening light

Lessons Learnt:

  • Long distances can be done if you take frequent breaks to stretch your legs but they still hurt!

Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

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