Europe 2009: Mile 2144

24th April 2009

Czech Petrol Pump

Czech Petrol Pump, Prostejov

What a night! We had fallen soundly asleep (and the beer consumed during the evening might have had something to do with that 🙂 ) when we were awoken by a very loud sound like an alarm. Eventually we traced it to the water system and found that flushing the toilet fixed the problem at least temporarily. It was difficult to sleep afterwards and when we had drifted off into a light slumber it happened again. Luckily that was the last time. When we woke in the morning we were very tired. Had a breakfast of ham and eggs (Adrian), eggs and bacon (Isabel) and a long smooch (Mr Teddy). We left by 09:00 which was a record for us I think. After filling up with petrol (which took longer than was strictly necessary thanks to the GPS) we joined the motorway, which was actually a very nice road. The confusing thing about Czech (and for that matter Polish) motorways is that the junctions are not sequentially numbered as in the UK but are given rather in kilometers from the motorway start point. Once you get used to that it is fairly easy to navigate.

At the Brno race track junction we headed off the motorway and cross country on normal roads. Initially this was OK but then between Třebeč and Telč it was little short of stunning! Lots of curves with correct camber running between trees and lakes. Very very beautiful. There were, admittedly, some parts that were a bit degraded but nothing dangerous and these were easily offset by other bits that were superb. And the fun didn’t stop at Telč. The road continued being nice after that as well.

After stopping for petrol again we stopped for lunch at Jasosov nad Než at a restaurant there. We had errrrr pass to be honest but it was very very nice. I had meat with pickled cabbage and bread like dumplings and Isabel had chicken with flat rounds of errr don’t know. Replete we set off through the town of Ceské Budějovice (home of the proper Budweiser and a very nice little (ok big) town) and then off towards the small village of Cernà v. Posumavi which sits besides a big lake.

Camping besides Lake Lipno

Tent set up on the banks of Lake Lipno

We decided to find somewhere to sleep so we consulted our camping map and our GPS and decided to try the Autocamp Jenisov which started its season errr today apparently. Well actually they specially opened up the camp for just us which was wonderful. We were the only people staying there so we had our pick of pitches to set up our camp. We chose one next to the lake which meant that we could be in trouble if it rained in biblical proportions during the night. The total cost for the campsite was 15 euros. We have awarded this campsite

4 sarges out of 5

Mr Teddy and beer

Mr Teddy and a beer - normality restored!

After setting the tent up we set off for a walk to a nearby hotel overlooking the lake for a beer (Mr Teddy and Adrian) and a coke (Isabel) on a very nice spring evening. Blue sky, stillness and a great view- wonderful! We also managed to do some planning for the next day which was a bonus. After that we wandered back to the campsite to cook an evening meal of sausage and onion – we really know how to live like kings 🙂 Since the campsite allowed small campfires we had a great evening sitting around one watching the sun go down – days don’t get much better than this.

Campsite by firelight

Campsite by firelight

Lessons Learnt:

  • Sometimes unexpected roads can be the best
  • A tent, a campfire, a lakeside = all you need

Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

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