Europe 2009: Mile 1953

23rd April 2009

A cold grey wet day full of dark grey wet clouds! After another nice breakfast at the centre we loaded up the bikes and we were off. First stop was for Petrol and then off to Bielska Biala and the Honda dealer there. Today the extra ingredient of water was added to the usually bad Polish roads – What joy! The only way I have found to ride them is with loose shoulder, loose arms and clenched buttocks – it may just be me but I can’t seem to ride these roads at any sort of speed. At one point they got really interesting (for “interesting” read “dangerous”) where one half of the lance had been cut away by 5-6 inches for repair so you could either ride on the old rubbish road surface or on loose gravel – nice choice to have!
Eventually we arrived at the dealership only to find that there was no screen. Apparently Honda Poland put the wrong delivery date on the order – No comment! After that we decided to head to the Czech Republic. The road started off a bit “iffy” but improved along the way. We pulled into a roadside service station at Cieszyn in Poland for a cup of warming coffee because it was so cold. The road at the border is not in the best condition but after that it is very good. I have to say (and yes this does sound obvious) but from what I have seen the Czech Republic is a completely different country to Poland. It seems more scenic and somehow better off.

Church, Dub nad Moravou

Church, Dub nad Moravou

Anyway we headed for Hranice on a very good motorway. We stopped there (although getting into the town centre was a riddle!) for some case and food. Neither Isabel nor I was sure what we ate but it was very nice – a soup and a main course. During the meal we did some planning and decided to head further into the Czech Republic so off we went heading for Prostějov via Přerov. This was a nice scenic ride along a quite reasonable road. Half way along was the town of Dub nad Moravou which had an enormous and gorgeous church. Very nice.

We went past Prostějov towards Mostkovice looking for a campsite. After a journey down a precipitous slope that made us all very glad that last years off-road course taught us how to handle such steep paths! Not finding any campsites we decided to head back to Prostějov and look for either a Pension or something similar.

Mr teddy and new girlfriend

Mr Teddys'new girlfriend

Eventually we found the Pension Alberta which had a mad (in the nicest possible way) owner, a shy cook and a loud cockatoo. It also had a large stuffed bear (I am thinking a brown bear but what do I know) in the bar and Mr Teddy immediately professed his undying love! Personally I hope that it was a female bear and that Mrs Teddy doesn’t find out! The pension was basic but nice and cost 800 Kč (about £30) for a double room with with an “interesting” Red Indian theme. In all we awarded it

Three sarges

Mr Teddy waiting for food

A hungry bear waiting - never a good idea

The bikes were parked in a little nook in the garage out of sight (at the owners insistence) and we took the panniers upstairs and changed. After some more planning it was off to the attached restaurant (which was full of rock salt!) where we had a basic but good meal – I can heartily recommend the garlic soup, it will definitely keep the vampires away – actually it will probably keep everyone away! From there it was to bed.

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