Europe 2009: Mile 1464

18th April 2009

Poland! At last! And the 3000th mile on the GS’s clock!

A bit of a strange day to be honest. It was cold for most of the day. Grey at times. From the overnight stop we headed towards Łeknice in Poland. Stopped at Bad Muskau at the border for something to eat at lunchtime. We ordered a started. Errr they have big starters here and I do mean BIG! After that we headed off across the bridge over the river that marks the border. Immediately after that there is a market which is very busy with cross border visitors which may be because Germany is in the Euro zone and Poland isn’t (It uses the Zloty – what a cool name for a currency!)

Once out of the market and the town there are “Ladies of the night” stationed about every 1/2 km (OK it’s in the middle of the day but I’m trying to be polite). There were even some stationed in one of the villages with normal people walking about! These stopped after about 5 km. From the state of the roads and houses you can see that this is a much poorer area – at least that is what it seems like.

Some of the roads are quite bad. No actual potholes but the surface is very uneven. With the roads in this state a lot of concentration is needed especially since the drivers here love overtaking! Also bikes seem rare here because we are stared at a lot but that may just be because of my magnificent physique! 🙂 Rode to Głogow filling up along the way. I am not sure the petrol station deals with a lot of foreigners as they didn’t seem to know how to work the card machine but they made up for that by being helpful in other ways and they filled the bike up. Once in Głogow we drew some money from an ATM.

After that we headed roughly North-East to look for a place to stay. Along the route we saw cranes on the nest. There were two of them – bigger than I thought they would be. Interestingly many other small birds (LBJs) were using the underside of the nest as well.

unfortunately the first accommodation we found had a wedding on and no rooms available. The second looked nice but was being renovated. Luckily we came across the Hotel Ach Tu To in Strzyźewice. This also had a wedding on but had some rooms available. Everyone was very friendly – even the wedding guests.The car park was large but we could easily park the bikes out of sight. In all we award this

4 sarges out of 5

After we took the panniers to the room we changed and went looking for somewhere to eat. Since the hotel restaurant was full of wedding guests we had a wander around the place and found nothing. Luckily the next door petrol station had a bar that served food. We had a light bite then went back to the hotel for planning, reading and an early night.

Lessons Learnt:

  • Start searching for accommodation early since the first you come to might not be available
  • Polish petrol stations sometimes serve food!

Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

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