Europe 2009: Mile 1164

15th April 2009

Another early start. All packed up and away by 9:10. We are getting better! First stopped for petrol and then on to Weimar and the Buchenwald memorial. What a somber thoughtful place! A place of death in a place of such beauty. What mind could think up such a juxtaposition? A place of almost infinite sadness. We spent a quiet time walking around under a hot open sky. It is an example of when a really bad idea meets almost limitless power. Not just content with starving and working the inmates to death they also shot, strangled and infected them as well. The techniques of killing employed are still shocking today. I am glad we visited although saddened that the history here has really not really taught us anything.

From there we traveled on to Jena and a traffic jam. It was boiling! Almost too hot for me. Then on to Naumburg. Because of the heat we decided to go the quick route which meant the Autobahn (A9 / A14). We stopped at some services on the Autobahn. Oh dear! They really are the pits. I mean they are spotlessly clean and the food is good – what are they thinking??

After what seemed like a long distance on the Autobahn we came off it onto a B road and then on to Plötzky and the camping site at Kleiner Waldsee. Quite a nice campsite although we needed to do a bit of offroading over the grass to reach our pitch. Managed that OK thankfully. Overall this campsite gets

4 sarges out of 5

4 sarges out of 5

Put the tent up and went for a beer (Hafferoder – is this becoming a habit?). Made food, had a shower and then to bed. Tomorrow plan a much shorter trip to Wittenberg – only about 60 miles but we need a break. All-in-all a day for doing a lot of thinking and soul-searching. These are the days that I need to live.

Lessons Learnt:

  • When visiting somewhere only plan on doing at most about 80 miles afterwards
  • Cities = Traffic Jams 🙁
  • Humanity doesn’t learn from its mistakes in general

Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

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