Europe 2009: Mile 0

8th April 2009

Well today is most definitely the day! Yes we are all off for our “Grand Tour” of Europe. Personally I feel sorry for the citizens of the countries we will be passing through (and especially their teddy bears if Mr Teddy ever gets loose!).
The plan is to leave from home about 10-10:30 this morning and pootle along the M4/M25/M20 to the Eurotunnel terminal and get the train under the channel. I stress that that is only a plan because we still have so much to do it is almost unreal. Now that we have come to crunch time I really think that maybe we should have planned better – Oh well – the leader of the expedition (i.e. Isabel) tells me that is all part of the fun!
At present I am trying to recover from working some late nights so don’t have any photos to show you but we will take some of the “off” (if we ever get there) and post them. We will also try and do some regular updates on the trip so you can see all the things we do wrong. Nervous? No petrified is more like it. Wish us luck!

Adrian & Isabel

& Mr Teddy

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