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Setting Up The Beast! Part 3 – Storage

Everything working together

Oh The Horror!

OK so lets look at what we wanted to do: Safe accommodation for the dogs – Check! A storage system for our stuff – Check! Somewhere to home the storage system – Che… Oh bummer! Looks like we will have to tackle that next then!

Initial Thoughts

So let’s think about what we require: The storage unit storage (OK I’ll call it the ‘casket’ to stop my brain exploding if I have to type that again   😀 ) has to:

  1. Support the dog crate and make sure it doesn’t touch the roof lining on the tank
  2. Allow for the storage of up to 7 Eurocontainers (see Part 2)
  3. Be strong enough to take some knocks when touring

That can’t be so difficult can it? (more…)

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