Month: October 2011

Exped 3 – The Search Ends

In one of our previous posts we discussed how we had started searching for a new expedition vehicle to take us on further adventures. Well we have finally managed to find one – And it wasn’t one that we had thought about.

Introducing 'The Tank'

Introducing ‘The Tank’

Exped 3 (or ‘The Tank’ as she is now known) is a 1999 Model 90 Toyota Landcruiser (known in the UK as a Toyota Landcruiser Colorado) with a 3 litre 1KZ-TE TurboDiesel engine (an engine we know very well because an overlanding friend of ours has a Toyota Hilux with one in).

Obviously this is an older vehicle so there are signs of wear and tear and a bit of rust here and there but otherwise she is in very good nick as far as we can see. (more…)

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